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[Release] TheMeq's Font Packs


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Hi all, i've released lots and lots of fonts for people to use in their games. You can find them at the link below.

These are all the standard windows fonts (And a few extra's) from character #32 to #126 converted to XNB. If you want a font doing that isn't in the pack, please send me a message with the font name, a link to the font, a first character and last character to convert, and i'll get right on it! 


Files are named in the following format: __FONTNAME_FONTSIZE_FONTTYPE__.xnb

Where Font Size is pt 8 to pt 26 and Font Type is 0 - 3 

0 - Regular
1 - Bold
2 - Italics
3 - Bold / Italics


To use these, open the zip file from the download and choose your font. You then want to select all the fonts matching the same name and font type (ie, Arial_8_0.xnb, Arial_10_0.xnb, Arial_12_0.xnb), and copy them to the fonts folder in your resources folder. You will need to rename these to remove the _FONTTYPE from the end of the file name, so you are left with Arial_8.xnb, Arial_10.xnb, Arial_12.xnb ect; 

You then need to open config.xml and change the <Font> Tag to match the selected font in lowercase. (ie Arial -> arial, Tahoma > tahom, Times New Roman > times new roman). Then try it out by launching your game. The font will show in the chat field and on tool tips. 



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