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I saw this program in the past on a YouTube video and i was very interested in it. From what i saw it was a no code needed MMORPG creator which was exactly what i wanted.

I went to the comments to see what people thought about it and the first comment said it was a trojan, which obviously drew me away from the program.

I now have my own computer and still show interest in the program, but i am extremely, and when i say extremely i mean EXTREMELY careful with what i download because i really don't want to infect another PC.

So, did any of you receive a virus upon downloading this program?

Thanks for the input if you give any.

~ Tyrantuala

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Just like any unknown software created by individuals or small teams Intersect is often flagged as suspicious by the more sensitive antivirus programs.  Once we go open source it'll be very easy to show that there are no sorts of viruses in our engine.


Sadly until a time comes where those companies decide to take an interest in us, or a time comes when Intersect games are installed on like millions of pcs we will continue to be flagged as unsafe.

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