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Closed Beta Blue Evolution - 2D Dragon Ball MMO

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Hi there,


Today, I will show you the biggest dragon ball 2d project. Blue Evolution is a mmorpg developed with Unity. We use c# language and we have very good performances with our server. We can have 201 players connected at the same time! Next step, we will try with 301 players !


I’m here for showing you our work and we want to increase our English community at the same time.


So, firstly, we would have created a new story. In short, the fight between Sangoku and Jiren created a temporal fault and every player need to help Goku and his friends to find their memories for giving a chance to save the universe.


Each player can choose three races; Human, Saiyan and Namekian. Each race has their own passifs skills and the player have the choice to follow training for learning a new skill.


Features systems

- Weather system

- Smiley player reaction

- Daily rewards, monthly rewards
- Daily quest, annex quest and main quest

- Sanctuary system when the player is disconnected

- Level up notification, discovery area notification and PvP zone notification (UI notification like World of warcraft)

- Bag for giving more inventory slot

- Harvesting with job system

- Minimap with npc, quest and boss icon

- Quest tracker

- Loot all button

- Item rarity

- World map with TP when you discovery an area

- Last loot notification

- Title system

- 21 equipment/bag slots

- Crafting

- Guild

- PvP arena (1vs1, 2vs2 and GuildvsGuild)

- Dungeon and raid

- Shenron wishes

- Kamehameha and other technic

- Ss1 to Ultra instinc transformation

- Available in English and French (Portuguese is the next language)

- Only one map! She’s very big!

- Android application!!! not available on google play but you can download the .apk !







Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/blue_evolution


Team behind the game

Danny : Lead programmer, Game Designer, Treasurer

TazeQwz : Treasurer, Game Designer

PopHit : French community manager, Official broadcaster and French moderator

Cain : English community manager, Level designer, Translator and English moderator
SuperBujito Level designer
๖̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ͜ζ͜͡Vito10 : Level designer
Kijan : French moderator



We recruit a level designer, a scenarist and a graphic artist. Contact me on discord if you are interested :)




July to September 2018 / Juillet à Septembre 2018


- New networking library / Nouvelle bibliothèque de réseau -> Done

- New chat system / Nouveau système de tchat -> Done

- New mail system / Nouveau système de messagerie -> Done

- Add terms & conditions window / Ajout d'une fenêtre "termes & conditions" -> Done

- New quest system / Nouveau système de quête -> Done



October to December 2018 / Octobre à Décembre 2018


- Closed Beta / Bêta fermée -> 26th December

- Create the first area / Créer la première région (In progress... / En cours... 56%)

- Friendship system / Système d'ami - Display another players profile / Afficher d'autres profils de joueur -> Done

- Open beta on PC and Android / Bêta ouverte sur PC et Android



January to March 2019 / Janvier à Mars 2019


- First release / Première sortie du jeu

- Create the second area and namek / Créer la deuxième région et namek (In progress... / En cours... 60%)

- Create the rest of the Earth / Créer le reste de la Terre

- Custom character / Personnage personalisé -> Done

- Fix all issues / Corriger tous les problèmes



April to June 2019 / Avril à Juin 2019


- First extension / Première extension

- To come up... / À venir...




The only way to test our closed beta -> join our discord


Create together the biggest mmorpg 2d dbz project :)

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Last update

- Add roadmap
- Add screenshot


The only way to test our closed beta -> join our discord

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Hi guys,
I totally forget this post. We work so hard on our game ! Closed beta is coming soon (next week). We disable our discord invitation because we receive a big raid wave. You can join us on our discord now :)

Btw, I update the main post :)

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