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Uni Project - Feedback apriciated.


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Hey guys, as a freshman at Uni, I need to make a project over christmas. This is a pretty terrible game if you ask me that only took me a couple of hours to program. The language it is programmed in is C and unfortunately I can't change the terrible graphics since I have to use a specified graphics drawing library, for drawing rectangles and circles. If anyone has any free time, I'd love feedback, I'm not looking for improvements i'm only meeting the design specification. When I'm done and after reciving my grade, I'll release this open source at a later date.

Now I'm hoping you guys don't need to install any library files otherwise people are going to rage at me whilst I'm asleep :/

The design spec can be found here:

The Task

You are required to design and implement a computer game which is based on the throwing or launching of a projectile across a graphical space, avoiding obstacles and accounting for environmental effects such as wind. The game must take into account the following:

β€’ the game should involve the throwing or launching of an object;

β€’ the path of the object must take gravity into account;

β€’ there should be at least one obstacle partially obstructing the throwing path (for example, a high wall);

β€’ there should be at least one other difficulty for the player, such as passing birds (which get in the way), or an environmental effect such as wind.

The game must be enjoyable, and playable for someone who is not experienced with computers. The game experience should be rewarding and challenging.

You might like to think about:

β€’ giving the game some kind of theme;

β€’ adding levels of difficulty to make the game increasingly challenging;

β€’ rewarding the player with a score to encourage them to play again;

β€’ ensuring that the game is not too frustrating to play β€” it might be wise to give the player several goes/chances/lives.

Remember, I'm not looking for improvements or what you personally think is missing. I'm just looking to meet the design spec since that is what I will be graded on, nothing else.

The download is here: http://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/866649dbf5af53ec5434878ca8c145aa.rar

Note: When the game actually starts, keep focus on the command log window otherwise the game wont recieve keyboard commands!

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