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I would like to show you my project on which I work.





Story: Ghoul Online is a role-playing focused 2D Online RPG inspired by Tokyo Ghoul universe (japanese dark fantasy manga/anime series by Sui Ishida). Where each player is the creator of his own story, by behavior, decisions and much more!



Gameplay: Enter the visceral, dark world. Customize your character, play as human or ghoul, exactly how you want. Create your own organisation, then lay claim to any Ward of Tokyo. Just be prepared to defend your territory - you never know who might be waiting to get the jump on you!



  • Timty - Project Creator Game Artist
  • Kirimihara - Game Artist
  • Pixaro - Game Artist
  • Safeira - Game Artist
  • Ziexchan - Game Artist
  • Elysian - Game Artist
  • BloodOrangeSangria - Moderator
  • Trigger - Moderator































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30 minutes ago, Timty said:

Well, I think it's mostly for fans of the anime/manga. We have changed alot of things but we are only inspired by anime/manga. Let' say it's a different world with aspects of Tokyo Ghoul.


Its good to define it as either a fanbased game or not from the get go. You can run into some legal issues down the way. Using things as inspiration is totally cool just you have to make sure otherwise it will stab you in the ass ages down the development line.

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  • 5 years later...

I started a project a while back, around 2018, pouring my heart and soul into it. But by 2019, I made the tough decision to let it go. Even though it was fun, I chose to focus on my own story instead of a fan project. Creating my own stuff makes me happier and more creative. It's a path I believe everyone eventually reaches, a desire to break free and create something deeply personal and uniquely their own.


Creating fan-based projects can be fun, no doubt, but consider it this way – you're essentially building your story on someone else's foundation, someone who already has a dedicated fan base. It made me realize that it might not be entirely right for my creative journey, both from a legal and moral perspective.

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