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Dima Kozyr

Concept Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening

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Hi! In my previous post I told about my game Chronicles of cyberpunk and here I will post updates about the second part of this game Chronicles of cyberpunk: Awakening.

This is an independent game, you don't need to play the first part to understand what is happening, since there will be a brief retelling of the events of the first part in the beginning


  • Unreal Engine
  • Working on it sincye January 8, 2017 (and the first part was released on January 7)
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Hi! I keep working every day and have already finished the basis for the game world. I had about 150 photos of different architectural constructions and interesting design objects, I made models, which don'd looks the same, I just inspired by them. But the longer I did it, the more I got bored .. productivity has decreased very much and recently did not make more than 2 models a day, sometimes also made animations. But now for the current stage the world is ready and I can finally start programming. By the way, the game will have 11 locations and you could move freely between some of them (in the first part there was 9 locations)







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1 hour ago, Xenogene said:

You put a lot of thought and work into this project, kudos. Do you think you'll ever do an online cyberpunk game?

Hi, thanks! No, it is too hard, I like to make a single payer story-based games =)

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