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how to cut and paste



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No worries, we all started here.

The reason you are getting a white border is because the Icon itself has a white border below the pink background and grey horn. Same issues with the NPCs I would wager. The Icons most likely can be resized, but for the NPCS (and perhaps some icons), you need to add an alpha channel and make the background transparent.


Icon Resize

1)      Resize the horn icon to remove the white border at the bottom. Depending on how many icons you have that are like this, it may take a while.


2)      You can also resize them to 32x32 and make sure the entire 32x32 is filled with the horn and pink background.

e3fac685ad295f78f6c16be5e2d6c4b4.png  Just like this.


Adding Alpha Transparency to a PNG:


3)      Download a free program like Gimp (or use Photoshop if you have it) and make the background transparent.


·         Download Gimp and open the PNG file(s).

·         Go to Layer – Transparency and Click Add Alpha Channel.

·         Go to Tools – Selection Tools- and Click By Color Select.

·         Click The Background Color – Hit Delete

·         The background now should be a checkered black and grey.

·         Check to Make Sure Sprite wasn’t damaged by deletion of same color.

·         File - Save. (Note This can be done for Icons, Tilesets, or any PNG file you are using)



Hopefully this will help you out. ^_^

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