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Trying to figure out Guild Exp list


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s... i am trying to define a fair guild exp list for leveling up.

but im having trouble finding a good calculation for it...

this is what i have atm:

Public Sub LoadGuildExp()
        Dim I As Long

        GuildExpList(1) = 10

        For I = 2 To 100
            GuildExpList(I) = GuildExpList(I - 1) + GuildExpList(I - 1) / 4
            Debug.Print("Exp " & I & " : " & GuildExpList(I) & vbCrLf)
    End Sub

which is nice on earlier levels, but level 100 is a staggering:

Exp 100 : 39876618672

so yeah, any one know of a better way to generate the exp list?

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Remember, somthing like this is also relitive to how your games experience scales as well. Even with the "right" formula distributing too much or not enough exp also impacts on the formula. My personal recomendation would be:

((I * 10) + total_exp_of_all_levels_before) / I

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