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My DBZ Project

Beefy Kasplant

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Let me preface this by saying that all of this theoretical and in no way implemented in any engine yet. The only things that exist as of right now are my ideas and a couple of sprites. The reason why I am talking about this is because I am hoping Intersect will have most if not all of the features that I need to create this game without having to program. This is not a recruiting thread! However, if you know how to program and want to be part of this project or just help me out I would be very grateful, but for now I would be happy if you would just comment on my ideas and give feedback. Even if you hate all of it, or like all of it, leave a comment!


You start off as a weak unknown dude. At the start you are helping out farmers beat up chicken thieves or help old ladies find their golden necklace. However, as you progress, quests get more interesting and you will start to make a name for yourself. This will capture the attention of Capsule Corporation, this is the leading tech corporation in the Dragonball universe.

They recently created a machine to go to other dimensions because Bulma (The daughter of the founder of Capsule Corp) was sick of this years' fashion or some other mundane reason (I want this to be a stupid reason because it's in the spirit of Dragonball). But disaster strikes and some powerful being stole the machine and is messing up everything in other dimensions. This being is giving the enemies that the Z Fighters defeated in the past the upper hand so he can assemble his own army of super villains. Seeing that almost every other villain in the DBZ universe wants to rule the universe or kill everyone and everything, Bulma highly suspects that this being is no different and is asking you, the mysterious hero who just started making a name for himself, to fix her problems (Women amirite?!?! Har Har Har). Of course you don't ask why Goku or the other people don't fix it because she is offering you great rewards and your rent is due, plus you need to go to the dry cleaner to get the blood stains out of your gi so it just makes sense to not ask questions.

Bulma has made another machine that you use to go to different dimensions and help the Z Fighters defeat Raditz, Nappa, Vegeta, Freeza, Cell etc. etc. again.

Now the reason for this story, and why it is done this way. First of all: It's a DBZ game, people want to fight and care less about the story. Second: People want to fight the big enemies they know from the show and by putting in multiple universes there is a reason why Freeza and Vegeta and everyone are back all of the sudden. This way I can also make raid bosses that you can only beat with a team of players. So you beat Freeza in universe 1 and progress in the story, but the Freeza that you have to beat with a team is a lot stronger because he comes from universe 2 where everyone is stronger.


For combat I want players to have a mix of stun spells, dash spells, beam spells, projectile spells and buff/debuff spells. This is to keep combat fast paced and see players Dash around and stun and hit each other with beams and blasts. Keeps PvP fast paced and in the spirit of Dragonball. Even melee based players will have short range projectile spells that hit hard so nobody has to chase someone around endlessly holding only CTRL.


Here is where I want to be a bit different. I hate it that you have to grind and grind to get the highest level and the best gear to then realize that the best gear is not necessary anymore because you are the highest level and just beat the final boss. That's why I want to make it possible to get to max level in about 2 weeks or something. Getting there is filled with quests, normally I want it to be possible to level each time finish a quest and level each time from the reward from a quest. That keeps leveling fun and removes a large part of the grind.

I want people to be max level after having progressed like 50% through the story. However, since DBZ is all about getting stronger, and RPG's are fun because you get stronger the more you play I want to make it possible to get stronger through gear and level boosts. These level boosts raise your character over the max level but this level can only be gained from quest rewards or events. That way you can keep getting stronger, but it's not like someone who has played for 6 months has a huge advantage over someone who played for a month. Unlike other games without a level cap. For the DBZ fans that played BYOND, think of the games where people would AFK train 24/7 and be level 1,000,000,000,000

Gear Leveling:

I want people to be able to combine the same gear into a level 2 version of that gear. That way you can always get stronger and you don't have to be sad to get a rare drop that you already had. It will also be possible to raise gear a level by finding infusion gems or whatever.

Story Progression:

I always miss some sort of gratitude of the NPC's around you when you've just saved their town so I am planning on using events to spawn in NPC's or open up shops after you've beaten a quest. These NPC's will praise you for your help or the shops will give you discounts. Stuff like that so you feel like you've made an impact.

End Game:

Getting stronger:

Now that you have gotten to the max level and beat all the quests the real fun starts. Boss fights will unlock that are impossible to beat on your own but the rewards are huge, again they might give you level boosts but the biggest part here is going to be gear. These bosses will drop the strongest gear which you are going to need to defeat the even stronger bosses. I want collecting this gear to be a huge part of the game, both for their stat boosts and just for showing them off. That is why I am creating all the gloves and hats and boots separately so people can mix and match their outfits and all look unique. This way people will always have an incentive to play and try to get that missing piece of gear.


Since you can't let players wish for immortality I want the dragonballs to be a way to wish for a lot of in-game currency, special gear or a stat point. Probably dragonballs will be quest rewards and/or super rare drops. Dragonballs are supposed to be something to hunt for after you have beaten the story.

Will add more later. Please tell me what you think, I need your feedback and thoughts. Add in anything you might think of, I am trying to get a discussion started here!

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lol, no one has replied yet? xd

anyway, personally im not for pvp, nor for very quick leveling, leveling is part of the fun, IMHO

but pvp in DBZ is natural, so i get that.

rest seems nice, well thought tru even.

so nothing else i could tell ya :)

just make the damn game allready :P

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Haha yeah. Didn't expect much, pretty small community still but I was hoping for more replies haha.

About what you're saying. You will still be able to level and get stronger but there is a Max level you can reach by defeating regular NPC's. This might change if normal PvE in Intersect will be a lot more exciting than in eclipse. If you keep on questing you will receive levels as quest rewards and from rare occasions when beating raid bosses.

As for PvP, I like that most about online games so I guess that's a personal preference where I can't humor everyone.

Might make the leveling a bit slower than Max in 2 weeks but I want the focus to be on collecting gear and questing/raids instead of the typical grinding

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Well its good to see you've got a backbone to your project, however very few people will comment because at the moment you've got nothing to show in terms of actual gameplay. When you post some of that, I guarentee you'll get more feedback ;')

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