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Spells and common events



I was trying to have monsters summon enemies, one boss and one normal monster.


Starting with the boss type, i set up the common event, stating the map and tile locations for the spawns, then connected that common event to a spell, which i in turn gave to the boss to cast, but he won't cast it, i assume because there is no trigger. I tried autorun but the spell just kept being cast constantly, since the event is being run and not the spell.


And then for the normal monster, i did the same as above, except i assumed i would be able to use "on/around entity", but there is only Player as the option, perhaps the engine recognizes the monster as "Player" if the monster casts the spell?


Does anyone know how to solve the boss type summon problem? Or can clarify the normal monster part for me? I can't really test it since the monster can't cast it (same problem like with the boss type)

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