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disable the download of the resource folder ?




I create a launcher / updater that works great in vb.net, the game folder is like this:



    =>  Resources

    =>  Logs

    => Client.exe end other files



But when I launch my client, the download of the resource file is done automatically while it is in the data file.

I think we have to wait for the sources?

Thank you in advance.

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Pretty sure it only does that if it does not find any existing config files or resources.

So if your user runs the updater before the client (Like they should? Why would a user connect with an outdated client?) and the updater downloads all the relevant files it shouldn't be a problem.

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Already fixed this, I think.


Try this launcher: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/41f73f41397166340fc3036b68eae5f1.zip


If you tell me if works I'll release an update for it tonight for everyone.


For the techy people wondering what's going on:

His client is not in the same folder as the launcher/updater.

The updater/launcher does a Process.Start() but never set the working directory to the one the client was in.

Client was searching for the resources folder in the root folder where it didn't exist so it started downloading.

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So the problem comes from the client who checks the game at the root? I like your updater but I want a custom launcher / updater ..

my launcher to

             Dim myProcess As New Process
             Process.Start ("data \ no.exe")
         Catch ex As Exception
             MsgBox (ex.ToString)
             Me.Close ()
         End Try 

without the data folder it works

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