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Need Help Need Advanced Power Rangers

Weylon Santana

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Just kidding, but since you came to this post give it a read there.
And sorry moderators for the funny title.

So. I'm developing a project called Heroes Apocalypse. It's a great project so let's go through the formalities that the rules ask for.


Name: Heroes Apocalypse

Engine: Custom Engine (It's not the name of the engine, you'll understand why)

"Post about current progress":
Networking.; Chat; Menu Options; Name Over Characters; Login and Register Form; Among other things I did not find much needed here at the moment.

"Maybe a Story":
The story is too big (but I want to say too big) to write here, we do not have a summary (for now), so I'll skip to the next step.
Current Staff:


@Weylon Santana - (But known as me :3_grin:) - Working on the stories and missions, ahead of the whole project. I am a writer, I have two books and I am writing the third. Good story is not going to go away (which explains the history of the game being so great). I also develop systems in theories. (class system, missions, crafting, culinary, spells, among other gears that moves the game). When the engine is ready, I'll work all the free time I have (and it's a lot, watch the holidays coming :423_tennis:) (I know you are understanding which application will be made B))

@jesusbleach - Programmer at the front of the engine, and a lot of fucking epic ideas too (usually mixing their ideas with my), he does all this about the engine and more, and has designer skills of a fucking epic stuff (Gui, itens, pictures in general, tricks with events, sound and so on.)


Jefferson Ferreira (My partner which is also the front of the project.) - This already has no account in AGD, but has skills in image manipulation, this will also be our designer (of sprites, items, paperdolls and so on). Often making corrections in images. As well as our mapper.


Daniele Almeida - This one, has incredible drawing skills (pixel art or anime style), will create icons that will represent the items inside the game (usually it will create weapons {swords, staffs, etc} will be almost compatible with the graphics that we will buy). As well as creating images that will tell specific stories within the game. (something like a legend to get more fucking epic).


Herminio Bruno - Graduating in administration, he is taking care of all the mercabilidad of the product (game), making us consulting and opening our eyes to the digital market. He is taking care of marketing strategies, selling and planning the project.


Sample Content - We do not have content to show here, but I can say that we have all the necessary animations(approximately 250), musics(approximately 30), sound effects (I did not count) among other things. We will buy the graphics of tilesets, characters and monsters and We have the staff to make all the necessary things the most of the content.

Plans moving forward - If I start talking I will not stop. I have almost 10 pages of planning done of things that can be done. I worked alone in these plans for about 6 months until I got to know other people, it's almost a year of planning.

What are we looking for?
Programmers, more specifically who write in Vb.Net.
We need help to create the engine that will create the whole project. We have @jesusbleach and the more we help, the better, we do not promise to pay anything now, but maybe we can think of a way to repay the help in some way.


Tell us what you are going to do! - See my function in current staff. I am basically the brain and the brain thinks, plans, is what I do and in practice I will also do a lot. I'm just not a programmer, but for the rest, I know a lot.
Tell us what YOU have done and what you will do moving forward - Well I'm not a programmer, so the maximum I could do until now was to get ideas in Jesus that made many things that would be complicated in the engine, but easy to execute. In addition I forced some bugs that propelled Jesus to correct them. And I think I must have made clear everything I intend to do.

Basically this is boys and girls.
We are looking for programmers on Vb.Net.
The good thing about we are in the planning stage (having in practice some things in the engine), is that we are also open to other ideas, want to tell a story? Do something you believe to be out of the box? We like this, we can for your ideas in practice with ours to create something more overpower.


If you are interested and want to delve deeper into the project, call me privately here on the forum.
I also leave my discord (which would be nice to have, for easy contact) and my facebook.
Discord: WeylonSantana#7909
My Facebook


We also accept all kinds of help if anyone wants to fall headlong into the project. But the biggest need is vb.net.
I love everyone here :776_two_hearts:
Have a good day, week, month and year-end. :521_rocket:

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7 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

Aproved. Maybe include some screenshots sofar and some mockup art.

We do not have screenshots, so far, only pics of the connection tests we did. It is not a big deal. What we have to show are files and files. As for mockup art: we are still developing. My girlfriend is drawing some things as a test, we have only a few base pictures that we will use (from drawings she made in her bedroom), I did not think it would be useful to bring them here.
For now we have text :D, and if anyone is interested we can show what we have until then.

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