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49 minutes ago, Xenogene said:

all you other rappers can go to hell
this is King Priest saying all hail the King
ya'll be like golem scrambling for the ring
get out of the game before you hurt yourself
your rhymes are so lame they be on the shelf
here i am, with cig in hand, i am the man, you are a sham
I've got the gold, you've got no soul, I may be old, but my rhymes are cold
Make an mmo? Bitch you're too slow
Ill have 20 out before you have 1 to show
Let me know when ya'll got some real shit to unleash

Until then I'm still feastin like a beast

* The result of utter boredom



Your raps are childish, mediocre at best,

and your pixel art sucks, had to get that offa my chest.

Your game is a Nightmare, like quick literally,

the gameplay is boring and werewolves? You've got to be kidding me!

You can make 20 games, that are equal to shit,

I don't even finish my projects and they're a hit. 

You should get back to developing, or maybe not?

Cuz I think your skills are lacking more than you thought!


I'm actually genuinely happy with this LOL  

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I don't know how to say that you're trash without insulting you

- because you're an overprotective oaf I am telling you

The fact that you were even born in the first place

Makes me wonder how your parents made you such a disgrace


I'm so sorry I can't rap

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