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Hello, I'm using windows on my computer.
I have to install mono and the server starts I have to recover ip and I put them in config instead of but when I want to connect on windows to the client or editor I can not connect it say I Have no network.
Before putting it under linux network I had no problem under windows
If someone has the solution thank you

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The best advice I can give you is to switch back to Windows. 


While Intersect will run on Linux that doesn't mean anyone can go and use a Linux machine. If you don't have prior Linux experience or you can't figure out how to preform basic networking tasks with all of the resources available on the internet then there is no hope of you properly securing and running a game on Linux at this time. 


Even if we wanted to hold your hand through this process and /try/ to walk you through the 200 steps of getting everything running (which we don't) we couldn't because we have absolutely zero information about your network layout, hardware, network addresses, operating systems, firewalls, modems/routers, antivirus, configurations, etc. 

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