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Intersect Web Companion [Prototype]

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Well, it's not as impressive as I hoped it would be, though this is the result of me spending a weekend messing around with the intersect database in Laravel. The reason I didn't get much further than this is because I couldn't get some of the data from certain fields, as they are stored as binary. JC told me that the way data is saved still changes from update to update, so it would be rather pointless to find a way to decode the data at this time. I did send a message to Chronos, considering he made the original edit tool, so perhaps he can help later. Either way, this is certainly a project I intend to revisit once the source is released. Back to working on my game!


Features (so far :mellow:)

- Dashboard

- Permission system based on user's 'power' level

- View/Create/Edit characters

- Edit User info


Yeah, short list. I know.




New Character

View Character


(I will post the source to git soonish!)

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