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I broke it


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Right, not sure if this goes here or not. But compiling was fine yesterday as well as me adding code to my project. However, Now I get this?




Any ideas?

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On 2017-5-12 at 4:37 AM, PhenomenalDab said:

@Essence Since you are compiling what's open already I assume my only suggestion is to run as admin and make sure that nothing accidentally got marked as read only.

Will take a look, cheers.


Edit, same error.

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Considering i haven't touched vb6 and thus eclipse in years i can only speculate. Do you even need that line? By the looks of things you don't do anything with vbquote nor do i remember that line existing back when i worked on eclipse. If it is important you've somehow excluded the library that contains the function chrw $.


Again this is only speculation as i have not touched eclipse or vb6 in years neither have a lot of the users here with Orion+ open source. If you value open source now than waiting for intersect it baffles me that people are still chosing some old eclipse engines. Oh well, just my two cents anyway...


Goodluck with your bug,



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