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Node JS Looking for Alpha Testers


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I've been working on a website 100% from scratch using Node.js for the back-end (with Postgres and Redis), and then React for the front-end. I want to launch the forums in an alpha state within the next couple of weeks, and I need a handful of people to run through a simple process of joining and posting, and then giving me as much feedback as possible.


If you're interested, reply here, and I'll shoot you a PM with a URL and instructions.

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Messages sent to you both; I have no reason to not let anybody help me out; I just don't want it to seem like I'm just posting in order to advertise; that's not my goal. I really just want help testing my site.

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19 minutes ago, Chief said:

Anybody else want to help? This is the last call; I'll be opening the forums for a more public alpha in a couple of weeks.


Ill give it a go. :P

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