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You cannot stop someone from copying and pasting your client. Even if you added some form of copy protection it would eventually be cracked. The only system that has remotely stopped people from pirating (some) games that I know of would cost thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Take a look at Denuvo)  And even Denuvo games eventually get pirated... it just takes longer.


So your client is a lost cause. Lucky for us, all of the clients require an account on the server to play your game. Because of this you could add protection to your server. It would require a lot of extra code but you could make something happen to accounts in the database when a person buys the game that would allow them to login. If a person hasn't bought the game then they wouldn't be able to login. In that scenario it doesn't matter who copy and pastes your client because the person who pirated your game wouldn't have a legit account to play on.

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