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  1. I was wondering: Attack gives you also more magic damage? Ability power increases spell power? - I don't know how to translate it well, so Speed increases only walking speed, or attack speed too?
  2. That's good news Finally found the best engine ever, meanwhile I'll be able to learn more. And what puzzles me (translator, wrote it right? lol), how many players online can keep this engine/server? Or if this engine/server is somehow limited, whatever - how would it look with very well C# scripted engine/server?
  3. I'm fresh and I was looking for open source engine where i could learn to code. I found this, this is amazing and written in C#, but someone could explain it to me? I don't see .cs files, only .json files, so this engine isn't open source yet? It'll be in future? "Modern and Open Source C# Codebase (if you do want to code!)" I don't know something or this description is outdated?
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