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  1. in intersect engine. The map, sales menus, capabilities, items are all being recorded to the gamedata. Is there a method of recording them separately? I also want to make a change. the other is disappearing. the fact that they are all in bulk makes it difficult to regulate.
  2. talent does not want to use weapons. If you make gun bullet style weapons. because you cannot delete the item if you bound. both will want the item and will not attack without weapons. both goods will not be deleted. but the item doesn't fall when it dies.
  3. first you need to go to the installation section of the modem. when you go to the installation section, the modem has a security section (usually, but not known). disable security then create a virtual server-style partition under the transmission header in the same setup settings section (may vary by modem), then create a port from that partition and then create a virtual server. when you do them, the problem disappears. (you need to pay attention when the modem is turned off and on the ip address changes. You can make a fixed ip or you need to constantly check and edit your ip address. You can find a lot of videos if you searched on the internet as port opening and server creation.If you can't find your own language, search in English. once you find out, if you encounter this problem again, it will take you 1 minute to solve it. Have fun. https://imgur.com/tudeVop then it's time to start having fun.
  4. How many frames you have designed. The way I showed in the photo. Photo : https://imgur.com/gaEHU79
  5. Hello. How do I prevent the creatures behind the wall from getting damaged? Video : I'm at war with a monster in the video. but I want to prevent the space damage from the creatures in front of the wall. and And I want to hide the names of these creatures. They don't appear unless I attack them or plunge them.
  6. baronned

    Agro Time

    The monster's agro doesn't go away. Hello there. I attacked a creature. Then I walked away from that area. but when I got back the creature was waiting there. As the screen also saw me came to attack me. do I set the duration of a agro?
  7. OK. then I'll wait for b6. yes now the map loading is very slow. I wanted it for this reason. but i will not need it
  8. Hi I want to view the loading screen when switching from one map to another map How do I do this?
  9. OK thanks. I will continue my project. I've learned intersect's open source options. I am very happy ^ _ ^
  10. @jcsniderHello, Jc. Is it possible to share Visual Studio code?. I want the code to the launcher I set up on my own. I don't have code knowledge so I'm trying to create something with ready ones. ^ _ ^
  11. @Kibbelzopen source. Will we be able to edit it as we want? can we make new additions or will it be limited to editing the existing one?
  12. Can't I add a new menu to the game ?. or add to a system? can I edit only the existing one? I would be really happy if you answer that?
  13. how. can't I add it myself?
  14. ability when using. after using. How do I make the countdown on the icon of the ability. Photo : https://imgur.com/vMAMC1Q I target. Photo : https://imgur.com/undefined
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