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  1. lets make a feature request on github, i believe that then they will take a look on this
  2. this is sad because before it worked, and now it broke that system of my game. the problem is that even though the projectile is not hitting the resource, it doesn't count as hitting the resource (for example, a projectile that comes out of my back). in fact I think resources that don't need tools should take damage to anything that damages them, even area attacks.
  3. for example, I created a resource which is a pot and you can break it using whatever is equipped in your main hand, sword, unarmed, etc. (so "tool type" is set to None). So a warrior with a sword can break the pot normally, and the mage COULD too. after i upgraded to beta 7 about 2 months ago, if you have a weapon equipped and it has a projectile coming out of it, no matter the direction, it cannot interact with the resource, no error or message appears. it's just as if the projectile is preventing you from physically interacting with the resource. as I don't know if this is really a bug or is it possible to configure this by the engine and it's like a feature, I leave my question here and I hope you test it on your engine to see if it happens to you too
  4. Is this just for me? *No problem with firewall *No problem with ports How can i fix it?
  5. If you just make a video of your screen, step by step (installing everything), will help a lot... Pls save me lol
  6. can you or someone make a video? will help a lot!
  7. do you have any plans to add shop?
  8. anyway, i will wait for the mod stay more clean
  9. I mean, the entity was aggressive but it just stood still. Strange is because the cow was in the middle of some rocks and trees, and she was low on life, so she tried to escape, but she just kept walking around in totally buggy circles. sorry, i cant send gifs at moment
  10. I don't know if this bug is from the jc or the mod, but the entities are strange when they are going to dodge things to escape, and I noticed that an entity just stopped being aggressive
  11. I fixed it, but now I can't attack diagonally, I can only attack diagonally if I click the 2 buttons to go diagonally while holding to attack
  12. if i click here, then will update right? if so, yes, i have the latest version
  13. cool, thanks for this modification, one last question (i'm new to this), if you release an update, and i already have this mod in my build, how do i update it? would I have to take the mod out and put it back in?
  14. Nice, what about lag? Is everything ok?
  15. how is the update going? is it already stable or is it better to wait?
  16. thank you very much, you just saved me! :v
  17. So, this may seem a little stupid, but i'm not finding the resolution list (in the source), i already searched for everything, and i can't find it, i want to modify the resolutions available in the game settings and remove some. Could someone tell me where i can find?
  18. When b6.1 becomes stable, will i be able to upgrade from 6.1 (unstable) to 6.1 (stable)?
  19. Yeah, I did, but I wanna know how to reset their location when the quest fails or end
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