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  1. gamernickk

    Standby Animation

    Is there a way to make a standby animation for NPC's and Players?
  2. gamernickk

    You name it, I'll make it! [Features]

    I would love to see all these features! Auction System would be awesome
  3. gamernickk

    You name it, I'll make it! [Features]

    Hmm.. yeah housing would be nice.
  4. gamernickk

    [Closed BETA]Pokemon MMO -PEO

    Hmm.. maybe try to recruit Pixel artists, on this forum and others.
  5. gamernickk

    [Closed BETA]Pokemon MMO -PEO

    Take a look at PokeMMO, those sprites look like pokemon. But still have customization
  6. gamernickk

    Count as high as you can while staff are sleeping!!!

    We don't even get the chance! xD 1