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  1. ningimbly

    npc cannot cast projectile spells?

    So linear for npcs works fine.
  2. ningimbly

    npc cannot cast projectile spells?

    Oh i see the ambiguity now. Me as the player. The death was a good thing. I was just playing around with spell mechanics.
  3. i setup a projectile spell for the npc but it wont cast it. i switched to linear and boom dead as doornail.
  4. can the number of active skills slots be reduced ? I'm designing a skill crafting moba inspired game with a meta game. and I need to take active slots down to 5.
  5. Hmm i agree with most of your argument. However your still causing power creep by making old content worthless. Extra credits on youtube power creep it will help and theres two or three videos on it. And yes when given stat or percentile. Yes stat is much easier to balance
  6. ningimbly

    Ascension Game Dev Discord Channel

    The link is not working on ma phone
  7. ningimbly

    Slide effect speed scaling

    Is there a way to reduce the speed of sliding . i was using the slide effect basically as a fast means of travel between. But en masse was cuasing lag. Black screen and or crashes!
  8. ningimbly

    Proper backing up of games

    Forgive my forum newbishness q and sounds very appropiate. Thanks for the quick response sadly i deleted it all aready but i had many design flaws in editor on my part duplicate and useless things all over that i put there so a redo is for the best. All i can figure. Is so to add to the world more slowly. And keep a complete duplicate. Back up copy. Ok nvm somehow in the process of moving some items tilesets around moving everything to recycle bin and restoring it. Its working lol. I will zip and just so we can get to the bottom of this asap
  9. ningimbly

    Proper backing up of games

    This is a bit of a bummer. But i just lost my ascesion game i was only 15 hours and such fun learning. Im not certain if it was the new tilesets or the recent changes but i got. Exceptions and the editor became blank. Regardless . im this for the long haul. So how can i back up my game properly? To prevent this in the future. Btw it was exception value cannot be 0?
  10. ningimbly

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Thanks yall!
  11. ningimbly

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Hey everyone! Im jeremy my nick is ningimbly which is taken from 1994s blood and magic ha. Little about me im currently a otr truck driver. I use mobile internet to run my smart phone laptop so this is all pretty. Making games on the go. Ha! Im an avid gamer Quake 2 online mp i was there man with 56k Everquest 1 beta there. Planetside 1 beta there. To name a few. Also ww2 online a definitive must play mmofps. I have a background in pen n paper game design. I love quirky mechanics. And focus more on gameplay than graphics. Recently got a laptop on my truck. Found this engine and away i go. This is my first jaunt into to video game design and im already pushing the engine. Here we go!