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  1. I attempted this many years ago but failed terribly. It was always a goal of mine to make a MUD version of Mirage Source. Yeah I mean the code is incredibly simple, most of the back-end is still there, The only thing that's really changed is removing the graphical system and updating the map system to work as a MUD. A lot has been removed obviously, such as NPC AI movement and all that stuff, but the majority still remains the same. Even the map editor mostly uses the same components.
  2. MirageMUD is a source code base for developing your own stand-alone MUD client and server in Visual Basic 6. The code base comes with all the necessary basic functionality to immediately begin developing your MUD game right off the bat. Features Graphical User Interface Combat Built-In Editors Byte Array Packets Password Encryption Stand-Alone Client and Server DOWNLOAD
  3. Does it only support OGG files?
  4. Ok I'll try that. I copy/pasted the resources from the closed sourced version, but I guess if both the open source and closed source file structure is exactly the same, that could work too.
  5. Yep, same thing. The only difference is if the server isn't running it gives me a message that there was no connection.
  6. I just get this, nothing else happens.
  7. Missing Tools.dat and Options.dat, can't run without these files and they don't seem to be included anywhere.
  8. Believe me nobody cares. I'm still in contact with Consty, and he doesn't give a shit. Shannara never gave a shit either as we were quite close back in the day on the original Mirage forums. Those are the 2 original founders and owners of Mirage Online / Mirage Source, so rest assured, any license that was applied to Mirage Source has long been forgotten about. For anybody interested, Consty is developing a browser-based version of classic Mirage Online: https://twitter.com/consty
  9. I had plans of making a closed source engine with it, which sounds pointless when you think of all the engines available. But none of them are isometric which would make it unique. But I don't have the time or motivation to do it. I could release the source code, it's possible, but I'm currently using it for a project game so the source code won't be released any time soon. Still a lot of debugging to do. As for the question on lighting, yeah I see what you mean. But that video is 3D with particle effects, it would be much more complicated to do shadows with this engine, as buildings and structures are all flat objects from PNG files. It's possible, anything is possible, but for the sake of some fancy visual effects, it's definitely not top of my list of things to do.
  10. The next step now is to finish making it true isometric. It still works off a square grid, so when you walk, it updates the X and Y position at the same time. That needs to be updated. What kind of lighting? If you mean when it's night time and there is a light on the player, that's easy.
  11. So I've been playing around with SkyWyre v10, and I've finally got a basic form of isometric working. There's a bunch of things that still need to be updated, but I've got movement and mapping done. The movement is still buggy, but it works and goes in the right directions etc. Just needs adjusting slightly.
  12. I'm using SkyWyre v10, ResBak has some nice updated features like recipes and, characters per account which I really want. I don't mind fixing bugs, that I can do. Having to go through 1000s of lines scattered all over SkyWyre to get account characters and stuff... However... there is quite a fair difference between the Client and the DevSuite and things were removed/added to both sources which means having to dig through all the code to make changes so it works like a normal client again. For that reason alone I won't be using ResBak which is a shame but never mind. SkyWyre v10 it is.
  13. Quick one... Is the DevClient just the normal client with development stuff? Was anything removed from DevSuite, like features, commands etc.? I'm asking because I want to make the DevSuite the normal client again as I don't like programming features twice.
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