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  1. Will it connect? Here's an example: There is a server (works) I skip the archive to the client. Is he connecting to it? Forgive me for having a lot of questions. I'm just new :..с
  2. How then will players connect? I have a static ip. Through the client? And in it ip?
  3. Привет! Извините за мой английский, потому что я использую Google переводчик. У меня есть отличная идея по поводу игры. (Я не буду открывать все карты, и я даже не буду упоминать жанра, но это 2D). Can someone suggest, discuss, or say how to open ONLINE HOST, so that others can connect to it?
  4. Greetings! Sorry for my english, because i'm using Google Translator.
    I have a great idea about the game. (I will not open all the maps, and I will not even mention the genre, but it's 2D).
    Will you let me ask you a couple of questions about your beautiful engine?

    1. Damian666


      just ask the questions in the forum, he wont respond here :)

    2. MeDoViK


      Тhank you!

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