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    I'm a Game Developer, My project i'm working on is the Return of Hyrule Online! You can youtube Hyrule Online and see what i'm working with. I also love dragonball Z and I would like to work with someone to develop 1.

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  1. Need Help

    @Miharukun Mapping was done by @Whitespirits Not me, but we're in deep need of a mapper. @SherwiN Thats awesome could you add it to my Game soon? If so awesome!
  2. Need Help

    You not to late I pm you my skype and discord. I have a Spriter/Artist, I'm also a artist and I do the entire 9 yards, I got a developed but extra hands is always needed. I pm you and make sure to sign up on our website to check out recent progress too. We delayed closed beta launch cause we need a Encryption System done and a Launcher if you can help the team with that, that be amazing BTW!
  3. Need Help

    New Video wanted to update, I'm officially the spriter, I'm in deep need of Mappers, if anyone wants to map for the team that be amazing! @Whitespirits Wanna map for the game broski? Be a Mapper? I added your work in the Credits already as well.
  4. Need Help

    Oh Ok! Thank you @jcsnider! We got a good amount of support on the Forums about 33 people, which is amazing to me! But thank you big time for allowing me to look for support on the Forums! Without the site it couldn't be possible! -Also got some pulls from youtube videos.
  5. Need Help

    Edited: I Updated the entire post you guys wanna check it out and give us some support. Edited: Sorry for the Double Post was a Mistake.
  6. Awesome Job Bro! Love the New Update!
  7. Some botters got advanced and can goto maps by maps and perform like there normal players which is insane, but I'm allow botting on my Game due to the fact that overnight training your Saiyan would be fine, cause the area will be only to Donators and takes awhile to level up high anyway... Feature References. Gonna be kinda the same as dbz games on Byond.com overnight training. :)! But my game is understandable for it. Basically you be training idle in the Time Chamber and it take a good bit of time to gain a good amount of exp overtime. Anyways back on topic! You guys did amazing job on Life Forge. Good luck with the game and new content adding!
  8. Macro Gamer and Synapse 2.0 can easily Macro/bot any game but some block Macro but Synapse has a built in un detection software to make your pc work without you even there to mine and kill things without being present on your pc... Nin Online saids its a ban-able offense its pretty hard to truth determine if there actually 3rd party hacking or not. Common Sense like that Youtuber that did a expression knew from jump that players were botting with a 3rd party tool.
  9. That looks amazing! 2.5 Graphics it looks like! You could make a Kingdom Hearts Game out of that and it be amazing! Maybe you should think about releasing a engine to the public, just a setup. Or do like I did, I release a DBZ Starter Kit Engine. Maybe you might be interested in doing something like that. But incredible work!
  10. @Kevin I did like 4 - 5 and as service pack 2 and 3 but no luck. I'm just trying to recover my old gfx files from a year ago that I couldn't never recover cause I lost my damn encrpytion key. I lost the server doing pc transferring. its not big issue, I guess I have to pay a spriter to redo my work...
  11. Need Help

    I'm working on a 2D Dragonball Z MMORPG! I'm in need for Mappers! If anyone wanna map and join our unique development Team just let me know asap! We're setting up Closed BETA Release now, but won't release the game to the public for a Month or so. We have enough maps done to get to level 40 with no problems. If anyone wants to help us out with mapping that be amazing and very helpful! Also you can sign up to my Forums and check out our Mappers Contest! Forums Located Here: http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net/thread/26/mapping-staff-position-contest We need a mapper that can do advance mapping like Dungeon Work, Unique touch ups and Nothing made with a blind monkey! We thank you all for trying out and joining our little Map Contest! You can see some of the examples in our video as well to give you some type of thought. Heres a low quality gameplay video made:
  12. Looking for Work

    @JimmyJumpdrive Can you do any sprite work? How much you charge for Encryption System? I'm in horrible need of a spriter and won't need the encrpytion to next month so no luck on helping at moment unless spriting can be done.
  13. Hello everyone I have a question can anyone tell me how I can fix this?
  14. Nps, pm me if you would like me to finsh the Translations just message. Donation will be required tho. If anyone interested... [MY FORUM WHERE MY GAME WILL BE RELEASED WHEN CLOSED BETA LAUNCHES!!!] Link: http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net Sign up and simply confirm your email. You can donate and help the development of my Game here: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=k4dBd4j0zBgYHjCO_es2MTpm673GqTN6RQzc61b-RKBQK55-I3s4vIEfraUvpM2XrRjQu0 Thank you all for appreciating what I've released here. Heres a Sneak Peak of the new game progress!
  15. Ok, I will see about doing that. If anyone wants the Translation 100% I willing to do it for few $$$ but other then that, the engine is completed for a Starter Kit. I'm working on a project that is in dx8 graphics and a lot of crazy features. Expected to launch my game by the summer. @Whitespirits There already in there and you simply run it as admin. It is in French but simple to click next and install. @Kibbelz Thanks broski! And it's nothing I promise once I hit my mark or got what I needed I would release with no problems. -I had one person invest 20$ and I put up the other 80 I was lucky tbh. So as a thank you and being greatful I release something that can benefit a lot of people. @v4dr1y4n Run the Runtime as Admin and your good to go. Windows 10 is perfectly fine. I had about 15 people on the server at one time and it worked perfectly fine. You will however like Damian666 told me to upgrade the networking in the server to hold a lot more without any issues! Did I mention that theres a Hack Protection and Encryption System built in the Engine? You can think @Damian666 For the Encryption System! He did amazing job and he didn't even wanna touch the frog language LOL! I don't blame him. It is a mess, but if your willing to clean it up then you're truly on a high horse! Heres a Example of people that used that engine and made it out and even added dx8 graphics into it.