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    I'm a Game Developer, My project i'm working on is the Return of Hyrule Online! You can youtube Hyrule Online and see what i'm working with. I also love dragonball Z and I would like to work with someone to develop 1.

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  1. Need Help

  2. WIP

    Edited: My Apologizes. @Gibier if you need a extra hand on something, I can help you if you want. But your mapping skills have inspired me to wanna do this in Resurrection Online. EDITED: Btw how big is that world map? Like how big the numbers you put in the map properties?
  3. Need Help

    OK GUYS WANTED TO UPDATE YOU GUYS ON THE NEWS OF THE GAME!!! I GOT A NICE DEVELOPMENT TEAM NOW HELPING ME! But we're looking for any Spriter that can just simply copy and paste on a sheet to help out with time consuming on releasing more playable characters. We're also in need of Mappers, We have two at the moment, but mainly one for sure. We need more so we can speed up Dragonball Z Saga Releases. We also almost hit 100 signed up players on our Community Forums @ http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net/ If you would like to sign up and download the game when Closed BETA 2 is Released soon you can goto our Forums and sign up. We also provide our Discord Chat on the Forums as well for our Live Chat and Early Updates before they hit the Site. If you're interested in joining the team just let me know! We be Releasing the Game to the Public Very Soon! Read the site Announcements/Development-Logs to see whats been going on. Big Thanks To Everyone That Did Join The Forums From This Post! - Wanna Support DBZRO Development by helping with Server Hosting - Development Funds you can donate to us @ Paypal darmike504@mail.com, Our Funding Goal is Just 30-50$ Thank you to the ones that do donate to the Development -
  4. jesusbleach@hotmail.com

    put the entire mail on skype and u will find me.


    1. jesusbleach


      im going to the bed, good night :P

    2. []RO-Creator[] Dino
  5. Can I add you on skype and do you have a .net pokemon starterkit btw?
  6. Anyone know where I can find a Pokemon Starterkit or Pokemon VB6 PkmKit? If anyone knows or has a Client and Server of a Pokemon Game that be amazing!
  7. I found a engine with everything and 100times better the PWO! Thank you guys!
  8. Damien can I have?
  9. Not sure if you be interested in building a Pokemon System completely with battle and trade system its why I been searching for this source but :/ If you wanna build a pokemon starter kit for people that be amazing. I release a DBZ Starter Kit on the Forums already. -I didn't code it I translated and added everything else in it.
  10. So I can't take a picture of it either?
  11. Me and my friend trying to use the battle code out of it, but the entire project will be redone just trying to get the entire client and server if anyone knows how or has. Please don't download anything from *yeah... no* If you download from the site before then eh, but trying to find this source. But the Example release of what i'm looking for exactly.
  12. WIP

    Awesome bro! And whatever you wanna do is perfectly fine with me and still love the idea of you doing it in a new engine - Intersect! Thats amazing and sweet! You might wanna do like what i'm doing as well. To obtain some Dragonballs, it will require you to do raids Single or Party, and you going to have to fight a lot of enemies during that raid. Also if you want you can also do a Character Change Shop so players can change there characters by spending Zenni or Donation Currency like I am for unique characters like GT Kid Goku or Black Goku. I'm have a lot more characters in the rare selection. I also will allow people to ask shenron for Dragon Coins to get that character without donating as well. But just saying some ideas im doing to maybe give you some. Whatever you choose to do is still awesome.
  13. WIP

    Coming together very nicely! Awesome work man! Idk if im add Flying into Resurrection Online but I am adding Instant Transmission to all players who obtain that area. Cool downs will apply. You should do the same for easy getting around, but your flying seems to work well too. When holding the running button to move fast in flying you can maybe see about doing a Aura, and also do different colors to let the players choose the color of aura they like for flying and if you add powering up. Question: Whats the highest you allowing Transformation to go? I'm doing all the way to K - God which is past ssjb, but I love original saiyan based too where you go only to ssj3. But whatever you decide to do is still gonna be amazing.
  14. Need Help

    Haven't posted in the Forum in awhile, but we're currently looking for Mappers, and Artist. If interested you can private message me here or join our Forums: http://dragonballz-ro.boards.net/ We currently have 75 members signed up on our Forums and waiting patiently for Closed BETA Launch 2. We wanna try and Release a Test sometime in August, so we really need a Mapper, and a Artist. Btw guys we're working on Summoning Shenron right now and Dragonballs have been added into the game. You can now collect Dragonballs, but they're not placed in areas yet. Also if anyone wants to help speed development you can simply donate to help us get Development Funds out the way. We simply just trying to raise 20$ nothing huge and nothing outrageous. You can Donate to our Team @ https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=3KmHJHhib7lvT26KqDAHgayi9r59klbKL4C0XhNM4DYCTUUBsKHWZ17YH9xQG-q6Nm2-A0&country.x=US&locale.x=US Only if you wanna help us with Development and Speed up things. We Reached our Goal! Thank you all for your support. We will be setting up a Encryption System instand of doing Custom Sprites to have a Closed BETA Release Soon!
  15. ok, I provided a readme in the client so when I release a Closed BETA. Thank you big time for this awesome release!