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[2D MMORPG] Dark Legends


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Why do you have to reprogram the engine from scratch having Onion Engine in VB.NET? If you're being serious, good luck, it will take you a lot of time.

I was going to do it for my knowledge. However, now I have a different approach on how I want Dark Legends to become.

I am changing the entire first post now.

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Unless there are big changes in Unity 5, it is easier to accomplish what you want in Visual Studio/SFML and if programmed correctly, it could handle much more than Unity can.

(Just something to think about.)

Well the problem is, I am not familiar with how Orion works networking-wise.

I would be familiar if i start from scratch on Unity because everything I code would be mine.

I noticed Orion doesn't have events. Which events is a completely necessary thing.

Do you have a mind on implements events like Eclipse Origions into Orion?? :D

If so, I'd LOVE to stick with Orion!:D

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Hello everyone!Β  :-*

I am going to create a 2D MMORPG using a 3D game engine called Unity.

Now, you're probably asking: "You're using a 3D game engine for a 2D game!?" Yes haha, however, Unity is very universal. They allow you to use only 2-axis (x and y) so you can easily create 2D games with it also.

It will not be a 2.5D or any of that. It will strictly be 2D and basically all aspects of Eclipse Origins has, however, it will be able to hold a CRAP TON more players, so I can easily make it a MMORPG.

I will keep all information posted on here and on my website.

For now, there is no information, however, once I develop more, I will most it:)

Thank you for reading!

Sounds like a great idea. I know that Unity is often utilized to create 2D platformers. Best of luck.

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