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Time Editor Tut (Day/Night) 8/29/16


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This short guide should help you set up your Day and Night cycle for your server/game, and help you get a little more understanding of the time editor.

(Intersect v1.9)


This is a quick time change to show how it can look over time.



I am assuming you have already opened the server, and know how to make an account and open the editor up.


  • Step 1) You need to get to the time editor.  Open Content Editors


  •  Step 2) Click time Editor



  • Step 3) Click on the time you want to edit



This will bring up your menu to edit the color and brightens for the time range.


  • Step 4) Choose your color.


Change your color here for the range of time you want. I chose a purple for this one.

Step 5) SAVE!



Make sure to save and update your server. This will push the update and you will see your night and day cycle change over time.



   - General Tips with Time Editor


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3 minutes ago, Chief said:

Uhh, why did you spread out your post across multiple posts? Seems like a waste of time, effort, and posts...

Going based on the guide stickied in this section. Wanted things broken down. JC or staff can ask me to make it one of that's what they prefer just going based on what was shown. 

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This guide being so short may not have needed to be broken up (this is fine, though) For larger ones it is nice to split up different sections like in this one.  I also love having a table of contents sort of deal in the first post so you can skip to where you want to go and IPB does not allow in-page linking/html anchoring so multiple posts is the obvious workaround to that.

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