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This thread is for anything Minecraft game related.


•  If you want to ask something related to the game, ask it here.

•  If you want to invite people to your server, advertise it here.

•  If you want to join someone's server, look for invitations here.

•  If you want to share screenshots or artwork, post them here.

•  If you want to submit tips, tutorials, & guides, share them here.


Please read Rules 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 before posting:






#01 - I have a friend that plays Minecraft on his own Hexxit server.  Go to http://www.technicpack.net and download the modpack.  After it is installed, log in with your Minecraft account.  On the top menu you will see Discover | Modpacks | News.  Click on the Modpacks tab.  Select Hexxit, and install it if prompted.  Then click Play.  The server is mc.umdoobby.com.  Tell them that Saitama79 sent you.  They use Teamspeak, so you can join their voice channel and talk with them.  And if you just want to watch and listen to them, you can subscribe to their Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/jollyhot.


#02 - Coming soon.





This is a list of players who play Minecraft, and are regularly active.




This is a list of players who play Minecraft, but are not very active.





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Minecraft costs $26.95 USD.  If you want to purchase it, go to https://minecraft.net/en/store/minecraft, create a Mojang account, and then make your payment.  Afterwards, you can either download and install the Minecraft game when prompted or you can download the modpack at http://www.technicpack.net and use it to play Minecraft instead.


If you are new to Minecraft, you should join a newbie friendly server.  Do not attack anyone, destroy their property, or steal from them.  That is a fast and easy way to get banned.  Sure, some servers allow that, but always ask first.





Tip #01 - If you do not have any weapons, you should go inside of someone's house before nightfall or the monsters will kill you.

Tip #02 - Avoid quicksand at all costs.  Not only does it kill you, but you will lose all of your stuff and not be able to get it back.

Tip #03 - Start off with wooden tools - swords, pickaxes, axes, and shovels until you acquire cobblestones and other rocks.

Tip #04 - The heart icons indicate your Health and the icons to the right of them are for your Hunger.  You will need to eat or you will die.

Tip #05 - Beds are useful.  You can only use them at night.  If everyone on the server goes to bed at the same time, it will fast forward to daytime.

Tip #06 - If you chop a tree with an axe, the entire tree will come down.  But if you uses your fists, you may end up with floating tree tops.

Tip #07 - Some animals provide resources other than meat.  You should probably avoid killing certain animals like sheep and cows.

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Created a 1.10.2 server that runs factions and skyblock. It's a bit diffrent than most servers. Redstone is the rarist thing you can find. And there is a Diamond Mine to get diamonds that respawns ever hour. How ever the mine is protected with around 40 mob spawners.

The over world is a Roofed forest Superflat world and is the only place you can place a mob Spawner once you buy one from the spawner shop. It is about 20 blocks thick but I added around 100 layers of bedrock so no slimes spawn unless you have a slime spawner.


There is a global market (auction house system) and /trade with gui for trading with other players.


The only way to get redstone is by finishing skyblock challages or killing witches. You can only receive 18 redstone by doing challages.


Unlike most server I am running Smart Items plugin. This is one of my fav plugins but I never find it on any servers, therefor I added it to this. It allows you to use tools in dispensors and cauldrons to lift items so you can make waterways to sort things and fully automatic factories. Smart Items plugin only works in Skyblock world.


Players can make chest shops on their islands.


Server is in Testing Phase. Still working on getting all my permissions set up.

120 Player slots.

Server IP/port




Fix permissions (30mins to hour of work)

Change Prices on Mob Spawner Shop ( < 5 mins of work about)

Add permissions rewards to some challages. like /fly in the skyblock world. ( < 5 mins of work about)

Add some stuff to the Minishop for quicker sales of items. Just use the same prices from spawn. ( 20 mins of work about)



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