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Looking for Work Seasoned RPG music producer looking for work

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Good day everyone,


I'm Akemi,  I directed/composed the music of Leafling Online (RIP) and am currently developing my own game, Grande Azure Online (and its music).

I also worked with the wonderful @Neeknog on his Demon's Arch project!



Due to some unforeseen events, I'm in need of additional funds to go through a rough patch. (feelsbadman)



Single song -  20.00USD/minute composed (up to a maximum of 75.00USD) *
Bundle of 10 and less - 35.00USD/soundtrack (if under 3 minutes run time) *
Bundle of 10 or more - 30.00USD/soundtrack (if under 3 minutes run time) *


These rates may fluctuate depending on the size of the project.


I have the most experience in fantasy RPG orchestral music, but explored most genres to familiarize with the patterns & modes.

I'll leave links to my finished work as well as some unrelated music stuff I composed.


Any songs longer than 3 minutes will need to be negotiated and are generally way larger projects (ie: main theme, cinematic content, etc)


My work


Grande Azure OST : 


Leafling OST :  https://akemimusic.bandcamp.com/album/artemian-memories-i
Lo-fi Project : https://www.youtube.com/@wavysines66
Electronic music Project : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-TYv02iLDIRbmvObvO9QeA


Thanks a lot for your consideration and feel free to message me on discord (wavysines.) if you have any questions!

Excited to make new business friends !

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