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Previously, the initial menu image was in mainmenu, and now, which image changes?



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39 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

E agora acredito que não existe imagem nenhuma, apenas usa a skin padrão. Se você abrir o json, poderá especificar uma imagem novamente, se desejar. 

How do I specify the image? Before it was just about changing, but I couldn't. I tried to put this in menuWindow.online "Texture": "illustrative.png", but it didn't work!

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Hace 4 horas, jcsnider dijo:

Ahora creo que no hay imagen, solo uso la máscara predeterminada. Si abre json, debería poder especificar una imagen una vez más si lo desea. 

I wanted to ask this for a long time, what does it mean that there is now menuonline and menusingleplayer? If that's what I think, how to activate it to be able to play singleplayer without the need for online.

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