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Making in-game diary



Hi team =)

Also, i have a little "problem" - wanna to make in-game diary, to share there useful information. 

About my project - I make at Intersect an open-world game with many secrets. No open quests, many secrets inside map, etc...

User must find them, and when he found something, he make a record inside diary. 

Cause there is no builded-in diary, I tried to make it inside the builder.

I make an item with name diary and event "show diary".



Also make common event, which shows diary at use:



And make an player variable with string "diary". I was hoped to save there all information. =(




But.... there are only hopes. At event i can't add to variable any information. Only set or replace. =(



Does somebody have any ideas, how to create diary  with other way? 

Thanks a lot!

PS: Sorry for my English. It's not my own language. 

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1 hour ago, Gibier said:

The engine doesn't have something like bbcode, markdown, or balise

 I know. That's sad. Hope that at some future plans it'll be realized. By my opinion, markdown will be the best. 

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