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Closed Alpha Shinobi Origins [Online]


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Discord: https://discord.gg/tDxxVttUhF


Welcome to Shinobi Origins, an exhilarating online multiplayer Naruto experience that is still in development. In this immersive world, you have the opportunity to shape your destiny through your actions and choices. Choose from a wide variety of characters from the Naruto universe, embark on quests, strengthen your character, forge alliances, and even establish your own villages and communities within the expansive game universe. The possibilities are endless, as the world and your character offer a rich array of choices for you to craft your unique adventure.

Furthermore, we are excited to share that the game is in its early stages of development, and we maintain a daily development diary that unveils new features and updates, providing a glimpse into the step-by-step process of creating the game. Stay tuned to track all progress and actively participate in the evolution of Shinobi Origins.


Shinobi Origins provides an engaging gameplay experience that spans across various platforms, allowing players to seamlessly enjoy it on both PC and mobile devices in a cross-platform environment. Step into the captivating world of Naruto, where you can explore dungeons, unravel captivating stories, and embark on a journey filled with mysteries, using a diverse selection of characters and Jutsus from the beloved series.

While the game offers an immersive PvE experience, its primary focus lies on thrilling PvP battles that challenge your skills and strategies. Gather your friends for cooperative farming adventures, enhancing teamwork and collaboration.












Support our project! Join our Discord to stay updated on the latest developments and provide your feedback. Your contribution is essential to the success of Shinobi Origins!


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New Update: 

Developing the New Directional Hotkey System! We're enhancing the jutsus in Shinobi Origins for a more dynamic experience. With an improved directional hotkey system, we're making gameplay even more competitive. Stay tuned to explore this innovation and take your game to the next level!


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