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Item Value (Simple, Unique, Legendary, etc.)



Hello everyone. In the editor, you can set the "uniqueness" of the item, that is: a simple item, legendary, mythical or something like that. In addition, I would like to highlight the image of the object in color (for example: a sword on a red background. this would mean that this item is legendary). I could photoshopped each item onto the background I needed. ( Gray, Yellow, Red), but it will take a lot of time and possibly resources. Is it possible to implement something, so that when choosing the legendarity of an object, the appropriate background is set for it?

*I do not speak English, I hope I have written everything clearly..

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Automatically changing the background of an item depending on rarity is something that can only be done through source edits and even that is a tricky thing to do.


Best bet is to use custom images for each item and possible work this in so dropped items use a different image: 


Bare in mind that the moment you start messing with source code, you're kinda on your own in terms of support.


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