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Map Block Size "Doubt"



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16 hours ago, dougrz said:

I don't want to increase the size of the map, but the size of the tile, in the case of 32x32 to 40x40, because I wanted to give more graphic quality to the pixel art elements, is this change dangerous?


Yes you can change the size of the tiles from 32 to 40, but you might need to modify the map width and height to compensate for additional tile sizes (or the map wont look seemless in client)


Also note by doing this, it will scale items size you have to the tile size, example 32x32 image item, and a 40x40 tile size, will scale the 32 item to 40 when on a map tile.


You can modify this in server config.json:


  "Map": {
    "GameBorderStyle": 0,
    "Height": 26,  <-------------------This is the height of map
    "ItemAttributeRespawnTime": 15000,
    "TileHeight": 32, <-------------------This is tile height size of tile can change to 40
    "TileWidth": 32, <-------------------This is tile width size of tile can change to 40
    "Width": 32, <-------------------This is the width of map



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