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Recovery Password (Free) using Gmail! (Tutorial)


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In May, Gmail stopped allowing less secure apps.
As a result password recovery is "Not working" using Gmail
But it is NOT dead, here I bring this solution so you can configure the password recovery system for free using Gmail


Thanks to @Arufonsu for help me to get this solution jiggly



We will configure our Gmail for work with it

  • Go to your account settings 
  • Go to security
  • Go to 2-Step verification and enable it


  • when you had enabled the 2FA, go back and enter on the new section below "App passwords"


  • Click on "App passwords", select the app and device you want to generate the app password for.
  • Choose Select app and choose Mail, choose Select device and choose Windows Computer, Generate.


  • You will get a 16-digit passcode, copy it and use it as SMTP password of your Gmail account in your server config.json (on Server/resources/config.json) . Please note there is NO whitespace when using the passcode, the code in the screenshot is more readable.



We will configure our server for work together with Gmail

  • Go to your server folder and edit the config.json (On Server/resources/config.json)
  • Find "SmtpSettings" on the file and fill all data with this:
      "SmtpSettings": {
        "FromAddress": "yourgmail@gmail.com", <-- Edit this with your data
        "FromName": "The name of your game", <-- Edit this with your data
        "Host": "smtp.gmail.com",    <-- Edit this with THIS DATA :862_warning:
        "Port": 587,    <-- Edit this with THIS DATA :862_warning:
        "UseSsl": true,   <-- Edit this with THIS DATA :862_warning:
        "Username": "yourgmail@gmail.com", <-- Edit this with your data
        "Password": "ThePassword" <-- Edit this with the password of the Step1
  • And you've done!, your recovery password system is now working again with GMAIL for free


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