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common event wont trigger?



So I can't really figure this out, I'm trying to add more than just 1 of Cooking Exp [Player variable] at a time. Yet anytime I add anything higher than 1 it won't trigger the common event to level up it stays at 0 even with more than said exp gained.

If I put greater than or equal to, I just level up instantly over and over. Yet Leaving at equal to if I gain over the set amount it doesn't trigger the level up.



Example here: @set player variable Cooking Exp (Add 5)

I gain 5 exp per cooked item but if I go over set Value of 100, it doesn't trigger the level up.



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Hello, you can try to do this :


@> conditional branch[Player Variable: Cooking Exp is equal to 100]

@> set player variable cooking level (Add 1)

@> set player variable cooking exp (Set 0)

@> show picture


So each time the player variable cooking exp reach 100 it add 1 to cooking level and reset exp to 0, it could be simpler.


On the second screen place this :

Start common event : Cooking Exp

just below :

Set Player Variable Cooking Exp (Add 5)

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As you have it set: It will continually level up every time it checks & Meets the requirements.
as Artheios mentioned: add a "set player variable cooking exp (Set 0)" .

 Also the way you have it set, you would only Level Up if the EXP was exactly equal to that number.


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Here is the version I made, it doesn't use 'exp' and rather just a 'semi-point' (i.e. +0.1 skill)

(The first branch is a skill level check for that particular bench)


Everything fits in one event, and you can adjust the odds of gaining skill points by adjusting the Random Numbers.
If you want to use an 'EXP gain' type of system, you will need to do a bit more scripting to check for each range of experience numbers and can get tricky.
The easier way would be Artheios method or resting the EXP to 0 each level and adding a new Player Variable to keep track of Craft Level. You will have to take into account each level requires the same amount of EXP though.


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