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Open Beta Project Reunion - 2D MMORPG - Android and PC


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Website: Project Reunion Website

Discord: Project Reunion Discord

Google Play: Project Reunion Download

PC version: Download


Hello, I would like to introduce you to a game/project that I have been working on for some time (1,5 to 2 years) in Unity. The game is in the open beta stage where I am trying to fix all the bugs. The official scheduled start is May 6, 2022 (10-12 AM UTC)!

CROSS-PLATFORM GAMEPLAY: Project Reunion is truly cross-platform gameplay. Whether you prefer to play on PC or on a mobile device, one account allows you to play on all platforms and servers.



Destruction awakens and destroys the Seal of the Chains. The heavens will open once more, the stars will lose their way again, and destruction will descend upon the earth. Ravenous teeth shall rape the land, the earth! It's cruel! Crimson Blood stains the earth. 4 Gems of Legend and Knowledge will appear under the Moon and Chaos will arise. . . Heed these words, wise man! The day will come when the earth will be fixed with 4 Stars, the Day of the End will be called, when the Heavenly Rays will divide the sky, and the echo of the call will be heard in the Valley of Death, and light from a long-forgotten world will descend upon this earth.
Daredevils come to a newly discovered continent, where the beginning has its end. Heaven sends their defenders to battle the final fight once again.



There are no character classes typical for other games, but there are professions that correspond to a given type of weapon and depending on what we wear, it defines what profession we use. Each profession has it own unique active and passive skills.



It is a melee weapon that requires great strength. Perfect for people who want to be in the center of the fight. It is perfect for defending the weaker ones or for causing destruction among enemies. Primary stat is Strength.



It is a melee weapon that requires strength and little less agility. Perfect for people who want to be in the center of the fight. It is perfect for defending the weaker ones or for causing destruction among enemies. Primary stat is Strength and secondary is Agility.



It is a semi-melee weapon that requires strength and agility. Perfect for people who want to be in the center of the fight or attack from a distance. Primary stat is Strength and Agility



It is a long range weapon that requires agility and little less strength. Ideal for people who like to get rid of problems at a distance. Primary stat is Agility and secondary is Strength.



It is a medium range weapon that requires strength and little less mind. These weapons have a magical power to heal, strengthen allies, and a holy power that can strike enemies. Primary stat is Strength and secondary is Mind.



It is a magic weapon that requires intelligence. Compared to other professions, this one mainly uses magic to deal with difficult situations. In his range of spells, he has one that can hurt single targets as well as large groups. Primary stat is Intelligence.



EVENTS SYSTEM: Gather your friends and take part in special missions every hour, where you will have special rewards and the opportunity to test yourself and your companions. (Devil Arena, Chaos Castle)
INVASION SYSTEM: Twice a day, the land of Loren is haunted by Mythical Beasts. Hunt them together with other players to get rare items. (Mythical Beasts Invasion)


  • Player vs Player (PVP)
  • Guild system
  • Two set of weapons that you can equip in one moment
  • Ally with other players and form a team to defeat strong monsters and gain extra experience (Party System)
  • Hunt lots of different monsters
  • Find the best equipment (semi-random loot)
  • Crafting system
  • Enchanting system (level up your equipment with special Orbs)
  • No level limit











Current Staff

-> Me <-


Plans moving forward

After the release, I plan to add:

  • new "professions" - Nature Staff (aka Druid), Gun and Wand (aka Necromancer),
  • new map region with new monsters,
  • PvP event (arena),
  • new equipment tier.

Further plans include the development of the guild system (fighting for the castle, events in which we will gain special points spent on its development), New, more difficult bosses.


Why we should play

This gonna be best game ever :)

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