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Need Help [Paid] Looking for UI JSON Edits [COMPLETED]


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Please disregard! This has been completed.




I'm having the worst possible time editing the JSON files for some small UI changes, and I figured hey, why not support some community devs instead of just spinning my wheels and making things look super ugly? 😅 Looking to pay someone to update the ChatboxWindow.json (And any other applicable files) to scale things up to be easier to read, and allow more messages in the window.


Project Overview:


Project Needs:

  • Files Changed: ChatboxWindow.json (And any other applicable GUI JSON files.)
  • Objective: Looking to update the chat window to double it's width and height (See screenshot for rough scale) along with adjusting text scale to be more readable and fitting more text. Project will be a very roleplay-heavy game, so having text be as visible and readable as possible is important. 
    • Text input boxes, chat windows, dropdown buttons and scroll wheel, etc will be positioned correctly and not clipping out of it's window/etc. 


  • Deliverables: Updated ChatboxWindow.json file (And other relevant JSON files if applicable) and sizes required for the new GUI image elements so I can resize them as needed. 






(Original base chat box.)



(Rough adjustment in photoshop, scaled up and now able to fit extra text.)



I'm assuming this is an easy project for someone that has edited these files before, looking to budget in/around $25 - $30 USD via Venmo/Cashapp. 😊 More than open to working with this dev again in the future for making other similar adjustments as paid work. I can be contacted via PM or Discord at WobTBW#3744


(Also, if there is a way in the JSON files to lower the name plate that would be super great too, haven't gotten around to that yet.)


Thank you!


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