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Open Alpha MU Pixel - ORPG


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Welcome to MU Pixel - ORPG!

Join a new and exciting ORPG based on the lost Continent of Mu! Inspired by the classic MMORPG, MU Online, yet recreated, reimagined, and retold in a fun 2D pixel art style! Can you save the Continent and seal away Kundun once again? Join our open Alpha release, provide suggestions and feedback, and help guide our game development to an official full release!





Game Overview...

  • Online Role Playing Game.
  • PVP focused multiplayer game-play.
  • PVE focused story board.
  • Continuous development and content creation as the community grows.
  • This game will have no end-point other than reaching max character level.
  • Game Engine: Intersect Engine (v0.7).



  • IZAKTLY STUDIO - Developer & Publisher


Introduction Story...


MU Pixel - ORPG is an exciting online game based on the Lost Continent of MU. MU was at one time a magnificent, glorious, and powerful empire which no one ever could have foreseen it's collapse. It was a place of government and order. Sadly, it's people began to turn on their own government and began overwhelming the empire's armed forces with violent attacks and destruction of cities. As power hungry warmongers weakened the empire, another even more devastating threat appeared: Kundun's Resurrection.


Long, long ago, before MU had even been established into civilization, there was an evil beast which ruled over the continent. The beast was known as Kundun, the Devil of Darkness. Kundun was sealed away by ancient monks using the power of 10 Sealing Stones. These Sealing Stones were then scattered all across the continent in order to ensure that Kundun's Seal would never be broken. These monks also had written a prophecy which foretold an inevitable event of the future. Their prophecy turned all too true when the warmongers stole all 10 Sealing Stones and resurrected Kundun from his long rest.


The seal was broken by a group of evil sorcerers who used deceiving behavior to manipulate warmongers into doing their dirty work. Through lies and deceit, lust and control, the sorcerers successfully resurrected Kundun and overthrew the entire empire of MU.


Now, Kundun once again rules over the continent summoning monsters which control the majority of the continent. Many cities were destroyed and many people were slain. Bands of heros have formed together to take control of at least a handful of the cities which still remain standing. These remaining cities are known as Lorencia, Devias, and Noria. There are a handful of civilians still trying their best to continue life in the ruin of their once mighty empire. The civilians need constant help from brave heroes to continue guarding what is left of the empire, and to fulfill dangerous quests or journeys to continue civilization as they once knew it. 


Brave heroes must come together and fight to seal away Kundun once more, and forever! The adventure starts by finding those sacred Sealing Stones which are under possession of warmongers...





















Current State...

In its current state there are lots of game features to enjoy at the moment.

  • Character Classes: Knight
  • Main maps: Lorencia
  • Simple Tutorial Quests to walk you through some game features.
  • Equipment upgrade system.
  • Equipment transformation system to obtain powerful items with special rarity options.
  • Equipment and item crafting.
  • Daily lairs to hunt special boss monsters.


Reaching a Beta Phase and Our Future plans...

Our goal is to create a great PVP focused online RPG game. We are currently in a heavy Alpha stage of game development and have many features to add and develop. However, we feel we have reached a point of development where the game has a great base to continue building on. The main storyline and quest board is essentially non-existent at this point. Because the game is going to be PVP focused, out story and quest boards are going to be quite general. While there will be a story to follow as your character progresses, it will not be the entire focus of the game. There will not necessarily be an end-point in the game as we will focus to build on the end-game with intense PVP focused updates, mini-games, and events to participate in as players approach maximum character level. 


We are currently in an Open Alpha development phase and have plans to at least complete the following before we enter any kind of beta phase:

  • Create an Elf class that uses Range style weapons such as Bow and Arrow, or throwing knives.
  • Create a Mage class that only uses magic spells.
  • Create 2 additional main world maps (Noria - Elven Forest, Devias - Iceplain
  • Create 2 PVP focused mini-games that happen at certain times of the day.
  • Create a PVP ranking and reward system.
  • Create a PVP focused Guild ranking and reward system.
  • Create a character customization system
  • Create a PVE focused quest and story board following the Introduction Story.


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On 9/21/2021 at 10:57 AM, CosakiGames said:

I would be careful with copyright infringement when selling items on a game with established IP.
Also a cash shop on an Alpha game is a red flag for most.

Best of luck!


I appreciate the feedback. I understand and will be removing any associated IP with time and its mostly just placeholders for now until I can develop better artwork and things. Surely we won't enter beta until these things are replaced. ;) Also, there is big notices about the "cash shop" and warnings that we are in Alpha stage and that data may or may not be wiped ultimately so surely I am not attempting to be sketchy about it but I do understand what you mean. Thanks again for your reply. :) 

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  • 1 month later...
1 hour ago, UseresU said:

oh wow, didnt expect to find it here. i used to play the Lost Continent MU until the admin decide to migrate us in global server. I am from PH Server.

is this still on beta?


Hi, we are currently in an open Alpha phase still. You should try it out and let us know your feedback! We are not a private server and are creating everything from scratch. It is simply inspired by the MU Online game!

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18 hours ago, izakt said:


Hi, we are currently in an open Alpha phase still. You should try it out and let us know your feedback! We are not a private server and are creating everything from scratch. It is simply inspired by the MU Online game!

yeah, i tried it last night. i was shocked with the mobs in lorencia it was awesooooome hahaha the spider, the dragon, the bull. but the bull seems too small compare to dragon thou. but i loved it. cant wait for release. hope there's a combo for BK too, the skills too.

looking forward for full release, it gives me hype.

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