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Need Help [PAID] Looking for a pixel artist, primarily for Entity & Animation work.


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I am working on a game called Middle Ages: Online. The title is intentionally cheesy, don't worry.


The core premise of the game is that the game "used to" be a niche, but relatively popular MMO back in the late 90's, with players running rampant on the gear treadmill and what not. While on that grind, however, the players started sucking the world of its resources. When the game eventually died, it was left a husk, with the NPC's left to fend for themselves and pick up the scraps.


Well, twenty years have passed, and the NPC's have found their footing again, and, though without the muscle that a playerbase would provide, have gotten themselves back to a reasonable standing. However, suddenly, new players are showing up again. The NPC's are quite nervous about this and very slow to trust these players - but ultimately it is up to the players whether or not to help the NPC's, or to help themselves.


Core mechanics include:

- NPC guilds (Warrior, Rogue, Mage) that provide randomized daily jobs for the players - performing these jobs earns the player "Favor" at the guilds, which is how players can increase their ranking (allowing them to equip better gear), and purchase their class skills

- Standard loop of Questing, Gathering, Looting, in an effort to earn both coin and commendations from NPC's, that can be used to further progress either with your class or with your ability to harvest resources

- PvP, with a GvG system wherein every day from 6-8 players have the opportunity to take over guild halls from one another - holding a guild hall means you get to use your guild bank for the day.


The vibe:

- 8-bit art style. I try to exclusively use the "NES (NTSC) color palette in Aseprite for my work, and would encourage you to do the same.

- Scanlines. I'll probably make these an option down-the-line, but for the moment I think they help selling the style.

- Retro music & sounds. Distorted, bitcrushed sounds and rough voice acting. Heavily reverbed music, with a wow filter, and using the retro Roland soundfont from yore.


The Work:

- Essentially, I have a big trello board full of art that I don't feel comfortable doing

- You will pull work from this board whenever you feel up to it

- This board is shared amongst my pixel-art friends, who work at a very slow pace (hence why I'm here and offering money, lol)

- This is my first project where I'm also doing art, and I'm really terrible at animating at the moment

- In addition, there is just so much work to be done, lol

- Primarily, I would need you to create entities (new enemies and NPC's) and animations (spell effects, projectiles) to help make the game feel more unique and polished!

- We will primarily communicate thru Discord


Will the game actually ever have any players?

I sure hope so. BUT, know that I am very close to the first closed beta, to get some feedback. Art is the biggest bottleneck I face right now - the other content is nearly ready.




Here's an OLD video walking around, so you can kind of here some of the effects and stuff and get the vibe:



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Hi, I'm a pixel artist and I'm working on some projects here on the forum, I already know how sprites and animations work on Intersect and I can get this job. I have a doubt, would you prefer the arts, monsters and new npcs to follow the same art style as shown in the video? Or are you going to redo everything from 0?
Regardless of the answer, you can call me in discord, I was just curious about it.
Discord: Daniele Santana#8672


On my profile there are some things I did, but I can show more on discord.

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