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Changing Debug Map Numbers



Let's say that I start a completely new project.  I create a map, name it 'Default City', and save it.  Then I load up the Client and press F2.  I will see Map:1 (Default City) in the Debug window.  But then if I go back to the Editor, create a new map, delete the old map Default City, rename the new map to Default City, load up the Client, and press F2, it will show Map:2 (Default City).  And it will always be Map:2.  That bothers me, because what if I want that particular map to have the number Map:1 instead of Map:2?  So I was wondering if there was a file that I could edit that would let me change the number of Maps.  I know that we can rename maps to whatever we want, but I want to change the number of the maps.

So I can make my editor look like this:

01, 02, 03
04, 05, 06
07, 08, 09

Instead of this:

15, 12, 08
05, 04, 14
06, 18, 02

or some random crap like that.

Is there a file that I can edit, that will let me do this?

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I saw that the numbers were removed, but I wanted to suggest for 1.5 to also remove the parenthesis that are no longer needed.  Like, I think in F2 in my Client, it shows Map: ((001) Center) instead of Map: (001) Center.  It is up to you, since you probably need the parenthesis.  But for the rest of us who can't see the Map numbers, the parenthesis are not needed.

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