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WIP neo town


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What it is ? 

About the project, the idea of the project has been considered since 2007, all inspiration came from a map classic made on top of the famous warcraft III guild of hyppons.


Where can I download it ?

The project is not ready yet, when it is finished it will be launched on the main gaming platforms commonly known as steam / gog


When will this be released ?

I have no release date for its final version.


Will I be able to play before the final version ?

If you want to support the project, you will receive all updates of the project in its development phase until its final version.


What platforms will the project come out on ?

At the moment I am only working on versions for windows / linux computer, nothing prevents a cell version from being released when the project is finished.


Prologue of the project

In the beginning of time, the world lived in absolute peace, guarded by the “Neo” energy, while the goddess Garrida controlled and administered the 5 essences of life (water - earth - air - fire - lightning) that represented the perfect and primordial balance ... In the past, Garrida had been plagued by the greed of Bonus, the god who controlled the 6th essence, the void. Bonus was born out of emptiness, the yearning of the bowels of the planet, in order to spread the evil essence to the surface, taking the world for itself. Bonus corrupted the creatures and the environment, brought war, set humans against creatures. Corrupted creatures seized the power of the Capital (NEO TOWN), spreading ungovernment across all neighboring villages, spreading and corrupting, paving the way for the great day in which Bonus will light up from the depths to rule all living and dead creatures triumphantly, slaughtering the humanity. The goddess Garrida fled to Orbe. The last fortress to fall, protected by a dense forest of thorns, the small town burns. The goddess needs to gather forces to fight the Void and end with Bonus, for that she will have to gather remnants of villages and towns decimated by the EMPTY, but it will not be easy. Never is... Tribes / Civilizations;


Game engine ?

Unity 2019 lts Ummorpg2D




Neo Town

Orb Kondrasy




Dev log date  24/02/2021


now we have a system with two languages



new character creation now with more details about each hero and in the future with more news



I am currently working on database and gameplay

liked the project to know a little about its history enter here


Web Site link

Discord chanel

Youtube chanel

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Guys after a long time without posting updates I m bringing something new here. Neo Town is now a project focused on being a mobile game, I didn t kill the project for the PC, I just changed its focus because it s a more attractive platform for a 2D game with a focus on pixel art, that s good because the project will enter the stage of alpha and you will have access to the game in a faster way I thank everyone who is following project ten from the beginning and let s just go







Social midia
Discord: https://discord.gg/VTyad5nnsK
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/neotownofficial/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkctEVnKShTXcqVQ6kT38mg
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/iandevv

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On 11/1/2021 at 6:27 PM, UseresU said:

will there be english too once this game release? i hope so


start sound we only have two portuguese languages brazil as my native language and english as the main language of the game


On 12/28/2021 at 7:28 PM, Fondep said:

It looks fun. I'm seriously curious how you solved cross walking

if you say about the motion synchronization problem it still wasn't solving on top of the mirror

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