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Update stats interval



I was noticed by a new change a few patch ago on intersect
All the chars when they equipp a new item have upload theirs stats with a server interval

(10 seconds aprox)

And, i have a question about that, how i can reduce the interval of update?

I will show u and example


And i dont know if some configs have the solution


Aditional Info:  (Updated)

Version: B0.7.0.111

O.S: Windows 10 64 bits

Obs: When you unequip an item the stats are upload the 99% times instantly but the "trouble" appears only when you equip a item

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You're more than welcome to throw it up on the bug tracker. Unfortunately this isn't an issue that myself or others are experiencing. Knowing if it happens on a clean copy of with a default config would also be helpful to know if it's something to do with your machine, your config, or the engine itself.

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Okay, thanks for that
Following the steps that you say (Its hard to explain), i've downloaded a clean and full versión of prerelease and maked a item who give vitals for 150HP and MP

But only gets updated when you re-login


I dont've changed anything on the configs, just started the server by default, maked the item and tested it

Aditional info:
S.O: Windows 10 64 bits (Last release)

Engine Ver.: Clean and full B0.7.0.111

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Oh, i've changed the regen time on the main server and the clean and full server and works well


Here is our 10 seconds for update interval hahahaha

(On the clean an full server the default value its 3000Ms, on the class configs just add 1% to regen by tick and see how every 3 seconds the char gets uploaded~)

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