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Concept 2D MMORPG based in Mu Online Content


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2D/2.5D MMORPG Concept that I want to become a reality SOON!


Some of you might know an MMORPG from 2001 named Mu Online. Which is a 3D MMORPG based on a mythical story of Mu Island (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mu_(mythical_lost_continent)). There were several games that were based of the mythical lost continent of Mu:

  • Dragon Quest 3
  • Duck Tales 2
  • Illusion of Gaia
  • Terranigma
  • Star Ocean
  • and much more


For sure the most known and famous game is Mu Online, with hundreds of millions of players world wide (most players are from the east - Phillipines, Indonesia etc).

Mu Online had very good mapping styling, monsters ideas, game-play path and mechanics of skills.


I was thinking of remaking the Character/Skills/maps, events and NPCs of the Mu Online game, but into a 2D or 2.5D styled game using some good game engine.

I am very eager to make such game. I love 2D MMORPGs and I love Mu Online (and also Runescape).


I do not know which engine, framework, tools, etc... to use, but I will need assistance on that.


I am not looking to being the "game owner" or the only one that might profit from it. It will be a total collaboration from all the team.


About me:

My IGN since 2002 is PraySword or Twins. I have first started playing Mu Online at 2002, and continued to do so until 2009. At 2003 I started playing Runescape until 2009 as well. I did play a bit of MapleStory from 2008-2009 but it was too "Asian" for me... At around 2006 I have established a private Mu Online Server which was super successful, I has 500,000 registered users in the Database (for sure many duplicates), but out of them I had stable 1,500-2,500 online active players at any given time. As a teen ager who made a successful private server, this earned me enough money to rent professional dedicated server, I paid for 3 full time community managers who were also content creators for game (which I implemented in the server). There was only 1% of coding to get this server up which included the website, and the mysql synchronization of database and website. Other then that, all other features which were added to the game, where just re-configuring sprites and settings which existed.  Due to that I never learned to be a professional programmer, as I dealt with configuration all of the time.


While I was running this server, I lived in the USA, and I already become of age to do military service, so I left everything, server closed and was 3 years in a tank brigade in the Israeli Defense Force.


When completing my military service I opened my own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & marketing business, and this is what I was mainly running in the past years. I do the SEO and marketing actions for companie's products and services.


Other then that I am married, and live in central Israel :)


Recently, and due to the Covid19 quarantine, I started to go back to my past hobbies, which was running games servers, managing big community of gamers, etc...

So I am here to really find Devs that would like to work together on such project, or else I could join another's project and add my skills:
Story Line
Social Networks


Let me know!



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@PraySword Man I didn't read everything .. but I support you .. I will accompany you when I can.. simply by the title, I love mu online since childhood and I know a lot about .. you have my full support  when i have time i will read the topic.  but for now I would like to say that I support it simply because it is based on mu.  I wish you the best.

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