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Animation issue ?



Hello !

I've try to make a chest system with animation.


So I created a "chest" event with the tileset chest-closed, when the player uses the action key, I want it to trigger the "chestopen" animation. Until then, everything works The problem is that the animation is playing behind the tileset of the chest, so I modified the different layers, and the animation is therefore played in front of the tileset of the chest, but also in front of the player's sprite ... I tried all possible combinations, I can't manage to make the animations play ABOVE the event (the chest therefore) but BELOW the player


Am I doing it wrong?


Do you have another solution for a chest "system"?

Do you know if there is an implementation in the editor to create safes more simply?


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8 minutes ago, Joyce said:

Can't you use the moveroute/page options to show the ''animation''?

You talk about the "Entity Options" ?

I've an another issue, my animation had an infinite loop, even if in the animation options in 'loop count' I enter 0, 1, 2, 3 ...

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