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AGD Gardening thread


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Just because my garden be looking fire this year, I wanna see some greens bois.





If this ain't the sexiest cucumber you've ever seen, you ain't never seen a sexy cucumber.



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12 hours ago, Mighty Professional said:

Damn sweet garden man, im jelly of your balcony. I want to grow some hot peppers soon. Ill try to snap some pics and send them. I dont really have a garden though just some house plants.

heck yeah, im groing some cacao and vanilla rn, found out that jazz can grow native here in florida.

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5 hours ago, Mighty Professional said:


It was either terraria or earthbound I forget which. This was years ago. but the pain is still as fresh as if it was yesterday. 

*starbound lol earthbound is the game with Ness.

I actually just got vanilla beans and cacao tree in. In about 3 years I can make my own chocolate.

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