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How to apply changes to the game engine?


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First I would like to apologize if this is not the right place to ask, I'm a bit confused.


I have a bit of a stupid question and I'm sure it was documented (probably here) but can't find the bit where it explains how to apply and test it.


I set up everything on Visual Studio, and started making changes. How do I apply the changes I've made into the engine so I can test it? I apologize if this was documented anywhere but I can't find it. I wanted to change the TimeBeforeIdling to 0 in version 6.2 and create a few other sets of animations. 


But yeah I just need some direction to how do I apply the changes I made into the engine?

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18 minutes ago, wishy said:


OOP got it. Sorry got confused about the fact that I should be using the build folder directly instead of the version 6.2 that I downloaded from here.


So I'd like to change my question. It seems the version of files that it complied for me is not of version 6.2, as I don't have TimeBeforeIdling in Intersect.Client/Entities/Entity.cs

Do I need to enter the code for Entity Animation Frames myself? 

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