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Generated patch is empty



I am new to patching so I've followed the developer tutorial : https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/dev/sharing/creating.html, but when I use the command below, the generated file is empty.

git format-patch development --stdout > patchName.patch

I've created a branch from "development" and I am using the comand from that new branch.

I've pushed and synchronized everything, I did not merge the new branch into the original development one.



Actually I did merge the new branch into the original development one :7_sweat_smile:, but I took the most recent version of intersect on the official GitHub and replaced the code and file of the actual branch so it is just like the original.


If I replace "development" by "master" in the command, the file is no more empty, but has 300 kb of unrelated text to the modifications I've made.

If I execute the command from the development original branch and I replace "development" with the new branch name, a smaller file ~50 kb is generated with more related contents, but when I try to check if the patch is valid with the command below, I get few errors.

git apply --check patchName.patch

Can someone help me with this please?


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